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Oakland Unified School District 2020 Facilities Master Plan

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Download the 2020 OUSD Facilities Master Plan

What is a Facilities Master Plan?

A school-district’s Facilities Master Plan (“FMP”) describes a set of building  and renovation projects that a district will pursue to support its educational mission. The Facilities Master Plan provides a road map for school district investment and enables a district to secure independent funding through state and local grants and financing, including a General Obligation School Bond. Example projects that occur under a Master Plan include:

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Facilities Master Plan Guiding Principles

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Facilities Master Plan Process

The Facilities Master plan process involves gathering data and inputs from previous work streams, and validating and analyzing that data to ensure we have an accurate understanding of the facility use and condition at each site. These will help inform the 2020 Facilities Master Plan, which will inform tactical plans and projects, as well as enable the district to secure independent funding through local and state grants and financing, including a General Obligation bond.

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Project Prioritization

Implementing an Equitable Process

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Smart Asset Management

The Smart Asset Management process is designed to help the district better manage its physical assets and prioritize funds and projects over time. The process is directly born out of Board Policy 7350 and involves collaboration with the Board, City-Wide Plan process, 7/11 process to determine the highest and best use of all school sites with the goal to support District programs and services and provide students with safe, secure, healthy, innovative learning environments.

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